Baartz is reshaping the way traditional Estate Agents operate in the UK. Our mission is to empower Agents to build and grow their own businesses, using advanced tools and technology and with the clear goal to offer the very best experience to clients.

Innovation is at the core of Baartz. Working with a Baartz Agent ensures an entirely seamless experience when buying/selling or indeed renting/leasing a property.

Baartz was founded upon first principle thinking, striving to find solutions to UK Real Estate’s most difficult and complex pain points.

An evolution is taking place in UK and the Baartz network of Agents are at the forefront of this transition. Consisting of trusted and experienced individuals and teams, you can be confident you are working with professionals.

Real Estate is very much a people and relationships business, and it is exactly that personal touch a Baartz Agent brings to their clients that makes all of the difference.

Still unsure on location?

Baartz is continuously expanding into new communities, enjoy our neighbourhood guides and find your special place.
Still unsure on location?